Nag Tibba Trek 2022 – Best Winter Trek

Nag Tibba Trek Details and Itinerary

If you are looking for a break from your busy work schedule and to experience the peace and serenity of the mountains on the weekends, Nag Tibba is the trek for you. This is the trailhead near the charming hill station of Mussoorie, known for its beautiful sunsets from the campsite and stunning views from the summit. This Trek, located at 3022 m above sea level and over 8 km long, is a real treat for all trekkers as it is open almost all year round and can be completed by anyone with a basic fitness level.

“Nag Tibba” means “snake peak” and is considered the abode of the snake god. It begins in the picturesque village of Pantwari on a rocky slope and ends with a local shepherd’s trail with gradual climbs and steep descents.

Thanks to the open area, from this campsite it is possible to watch magical sunsets, which are then eclipsed by the starry sky.

The next day, the path to the summit will be steep and difficult but it will reward you with great views of some of the Himalayan peaks such as Swargrohini, Bandarpunch, Black Peak and Gangotri among others.

And that’s why the Nag-Tibba trek is special. On the second day of the trek, you’ll get great views of Garhwal’s impressive array of snow-capped peaks, making it a must-do hike on a winter weekend in the Himalayas.

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If you are already out here imagining yourself doing this refreshing and amazing trek. Then how fun it would be to go and experience it! Tick the much-awaited Nag Tibba Trek off your bucket list.

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