Company Profile

Company Profile

We are a proud, passionate and responsible travel company. Presently, UNITE STRANGERS is one of the most reliable solo travel ventures in Delhi/NCR and Gurgaon and the friendliest travel-based community in the market. We have operations in more than 5 states mostly in north India and has planned to launch our services in North-East India and South India very soon.

We brew great solo travel experiences; we’ve built a great solo travel community which is committed to killing the myth of STRANGERS ARE DANGEROUS.

We curate short and safe solo trips to travel with strangers and become friends with them with lasting memories. So if you are curious to experience new things in your life then you should plan the trip with strangers. You can travel solo with strangers or can join with your family or friends, it's all your choice.

Factors which make us unique:

-Perfect ecosystem to build a healthy conversation with like-minded co-travellers and nurture the newly formed bond.

-The all-inclusive package helps our travellers to focus more on what is around them than where to pay and where not to.

-Positive Platform, your smallest need is our unsaid duty.

-Ever Supportive team and inspiring leaders.

-Transparency and trust of the team.

-With Unite Strangers it is a journey to your inner self more than a journey towards the destination.